Interior Design -
Furniture and decoration
since 1997

Plaça Migdia, 3
E-07180 El Toro / Mallorca
Tel. (0034) 971 234 016
GPS 39.485079, 2.482441

Our mission

We are pleased to help you from the choice of a single piece of furniture up to complete furnishings.

Our comprehensive presentation of furniture items on this website shall help you to make a pre-selection already at home. Nevertheless, you can order any item from home, too. However, by intention we do not offer the tipical webshop functionality because we want to offer the possibility of on-line consultation before the purchase. As a secondary effect we avoid any automated payment processes and do not have to ask for any credit card details. Although some people may consider that being oldfashioned, all payments in our favour have to be done by the customer.

In all projects, no matter how big or small they are, from the very beginning we concentrate on the "big" things, the basics, that provide the frame for decoration. We do not prescribe any so-called lifestyle. Instead we share designer Peter Fehrenz' (see Schöner Wohnen ed. February 2014) opinion:

To living the same applies as to fashion: The opinion "Nowadays we do or wear that this way" is outdated. Everybody should take his own approach to be authentic.

Final decoration, which is in fact something very personal and sometimes quite dynamic, is in most cases reserved by the customer. But, of course, we can also help with that.

Issues we consider to be of utmost importance in our work are:

According to individual needs and wishes we work either in close coordination with our clients while they are here or on a turn-key basis during their absence. In the latter case we continously keep them informed of work progress.

Deviating from many other providers we do not sell self-imported container goods from a variety of cheap manufacturers in Far East - until end of stocks. Instead, we generally work with the comprehensive product ranges of well-known European manufacturers from Spain, France, Germany, Switzerland and Italy. This allows our clients to add pieces over the years and, as far as possible, keeps manufacturing and employment in Europe.

Referral fees

We share the probably oldfashioned idea that man does not "make" money but earns it with his own work. Therefore we do neither pay referral fees for simple word of mouth nor ask for such commissions when we recommend other service providers.