Interior Design -
Furniture and decoration
since 1997

Plaça Migdia, 3
E-07180 El Toro / Mallorca
Tel. (0034) 971 234 016
GPS 39.485079, 2.482441

Some general remarks that we would like to add:

What is bad style?

This is a simple question which merits a simple answer: there is neither good nor bad style. Every human should devellop its own style. We are happy to help transforming this style into furnishing.

There is only thing which really is bad style: discrediting other styles oder tastes as being bad. This simply is unacceptable arrogance.

And what is bad design?

There are different opinions about that. Fact is that not every designer idea leads to suitable results, which in our case is furniture. Take for example these curved but not adaptable loungers that allow lying in just that one curved position. Being so uncomfortable they are obviously more eye-catcher than usable lounger.

In our opinion we can only speak of good design if things are nice, functional and easy-to use.

Which celebrities have you already worked for?

We do not pride ourselves working for the "rich and beautiful". We are working for humans just like "you and me". They deserve the same dedication and service.

Why can't I find any adverts of you?

In the very beginning we spent a lot of money for newspapert advertising. We have nearly finished with that in the meantime - because of various reasons. First, because the effect of printed advertising has decreased dramatically. Second, because on Mallorca there have been - and still are - to many Magazines with only a short lifetime.

We intentionally do not advertise in so-called "lifestyle-guides".

Why aren't you recommended neither by guides nor by real estate agents?

This has a very simple answer. As we do not advertise in lifestyle-guides we aren't listed there at all. With real estate agents it's exactly the same. As we do not pay referral fees for simple word of mouth, we aren't recommended.

Where is your furniture from?

Our furniture mainly comes from Spain, France, Germany, Switzerland and Italy. As others too, we are constantly looking for new products and manufacturers to amplify our range, but we do not pretend to travel the world for that. We normally search in national and international fairs.

Isn't it difficult to import the furniture from different countries?

This is not as complicated as one may think. You don't need neither extensive experience nor complex organisations. All you need are reliable providers and tranporters. And that's exactly what we have. Just because of reliable delivery and transport times we are able to complete nearly all our projects in time.

Do you provide CAD drawings?

No, we intetionally do not use CAD. CAD drawings promise a precision which never can be achieved in the construction business, especially considering the sometimes poor quality of the recently built residential areas. Even if you take the measures as good as possible, there is no plan that reflects the room correctly. In construction rectangular simply doesn't means ecaxtly 90 degrees and rooms almost never are rectangular in a mathematical sense. Regarding room height we had to notice changes up to 1cm per meter of room length. Unfortunately, construction plans from builders aren´t more precise. Very often, you won´t even find there the latest changes made during the construction phase.

We know, of couse, that for same clients it is very difficult to imagine sizes of furniture and the resulting room feeling. Here, however, some simple schemes that we certainly do provide already help.

Do we have to be on the island or can we stay abroad while you furnish our home?

Clients do not have to be on the island. We continue doing our job even when they are abroad. How else should it be possible to hand over keys for a completely furnished home when a client comes back to the island?

Can we try out mattresses at home?

Unfortunately for reasons of hygiene this is not possible. We do not think that anybody wants to have mattresses that have already been used.

Do you also do "home staging"?

Since people have begun to sell properties they also habe been trying to facilitate the sale by some simple - and mostly economic - improvements. We do, of course, also help our clients to achieve this.

Why are you located in El Toro and not in an industrial area like many others?

We are happy not to be located in an industrial area. Our location outside these areas permits us to concentrate almost completely on peolpe who are really interested in our furniture and services. Another reason is that we prefer normal shop premises to the "atmosphere" of industrial halls.