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If you want to sleep soundly you need to lie comfortably. No matter whether you prefer to sleep on soft or firm surfaces, we can offer you the perfect mattress:

For more mattresses also have a look at the following sections of HASENA beds

where you will find other latex and foam mattresses.

Unfortunately there is no common rule which mattress is the best. Which type is best suitable for you depends on your personal preferences. Trust your own feeling to determine whether you like your mattress to be soft or firm.

Choosing a mattress you should, however, consider at least the following:

  • Mattresses with a thickness of only 14-16 cm in general only serve for children. A mattress for an adult person should have at least 18-20 cm, no matter which material it is made of. Thinner mattresses will be compressed so strongly even by a standard weight that they loose their elasticity so that they are rendered uncomfortable and useless.
  • Do not overestimate the number of zones of a mattress. The more zones it has, the smaller they usually are, which means that they most of the time are where they do not serve at all, especially with persons of significantly different height.
  • Recommendations of choosing firmness according to weight are in fact to be considered only recommendations.

If you have further questions we will be pleased to answer them in our rooms.