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Oak wild beds from HASENA

The Oak wild series from HASENA is made of solid wild oak.

Oak wild colours

There are several different bed frames to choose from. 'Cadro 18 and 'cadro 23' in the three standard oak wild colours', 'aosta 16 and 'pilatus 23' in natural wild oak:

Oak wild frames cadro, aosta and pilatus

Furthermore there are 'bormio 18' and 'cortina 18', available also in natural wild oak:

Oak wild frames bormio and cortina

And last but not least, 'cadro 18', 'cadro 23' and 'bloc 16' in wild oak vintage natural:

Oak wild frames cadro and bloc

As within the whole HASENA range there are numerous combinations of bedframe, feet and headboards as well as bedside tables, chests of drawers and other accessories.

If there is a need for storage, there are two options (not possible with bormio and cortina frames). First there is the Lovie-Box with one respectively two drawers:

And second, there is the Practico-Box with one respectively two containers and lift-up slats:

If you prefer it more romantic then simply add the cielo structure, curtains and top to convert the cadro 18 or cadro 23 frame into a 4-poster bed. The structure is available in white or anthracite, curtains and canopy in white.

Fabrics for upholstered items:

 fabrics group 3  fabrics group 3  fabrics group 3  fabrics group 4 Leder

Sample combinations (base - feet - headboard):